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With, you can now enjoy one-to-one online lessons on different foreign languages (English, German) in the comfort of your own home or office, no matter where you are in the world, and at any time, day or night.

Our team of native-speaker teachers and non-natives will do everything to support you and provide with a course to fully suit your needs, time and set goals.

By practicing speaking, you will become more skillful and become really confident in using the language studied! We will gently guide you in the correct words, pronunciation, grammar, and phrases of modern English, German or another language you are studying.

Our experienced teachers will introduce you to the way people of that nationality think, share their background knowledge with you.

Language is not only the vocabulary, but the instrument people use to convey their thoughts and feelings. We will help you express yourself in the language studied.

Language courses online are a good opportunity to improve your language skills. You won’t even have to go to another country. You will chat with a native speaker using your favourite messenger. All the teachers are ready to share their knowledge with you. We can talk for as few or as many meetings as you would like. It depends on your goals and time available here and there. At first, you will receive a free trial interview to discuss any issues you are interested in and to see if we are suited for each other.

We will use Skype for our lessons. We will be able to see as well as hear each other speak. It is a free download and free to set up a Skype account. You will need to have a web camera, a microphone and headphones as well.

We can provide you both with speaking classes and whole programmes.